Raised Pavement Marker (RPM)- Multicolor

Pavement markings are used to convey messages to roadway users. They indicate which part of the road to use, provide information about conditions ahead, and indicate where passing is allowed


Raised pavement markers (RPM) are used in highway centerlines and edge lines as a traffic safety measure to provide more positive guidance for motorists in inclement weather and low light conditions. They have been widely applied by highway agencies as delineation treatments to improve driver preview distancesRaised pavement markers (RPM)

SAB Signage P Ltd provide Proven durability and adhesion are combined with advanced optics and optimal abrasionresistant treatments to deliver the high retained reflectivity needed on roadways by Raised Pavement Marker. We recommend to install RPMs on selected roadway sections primarily as position guidance devices in order to better guide drivers in night conditions.

 Raised pavement markers have been proven to improve delineation and increase preview time, particularly under wet conditions, and have been shown to decrease crash rates on highways with RPM center lines by approximately 0.5 crashes per million vehicle-miles.

We ensure our product, quality; value and service will be best fit for you. They are engineered to deliver on the critical “Three I’s” of performance:

  • In Place – Adhesion to provide continuous presence over time
  • Intact – Durability to endure traffic punishment over time
  • Intense – Higher retained retroreflectivity and abrasion resistance

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