Metal Beam Crash Barrier

Metal Beam Crash Barrier, Popularly known as Roadside guardrails and known as support for road safety. Guardrail barriers provide semi-rigid protection consequently to shield motorists from hazards located close to the edge of the road side.Metal Beam Crash Barrier

SAB SIGNAGE PRIVATE LIMITED, confirming of all standards and specification  prevailing in the road infrastructure segment. Our Metal Beam Crash Barrier uniformly high resistance and meanwhile assured by its continuous safe beam action. This prevents dangerous accidents and at the same time minimizes the ride down experienced by the vehicle and road users. The high visibility of Metal Beam Crash Barrier creates driver confidence. This is an intangible but exceedingly very important factor. Even in night or in fog conditions, the excellent visibility of Metal Beam Crash Barrier highlights the limit of safe travel and after that reduces dangerous crowds on Road.
Our range of road and highway safety Guardrails include the various types of W-Beam and Thrie Beam systems.

Following are some of the applications of these safety barrier systems: Metal Beam Crash Barrier

• Highways, Flyovers & Bridges
• Median Barriers as Road Separators
• Protection from Trees, Rocky Areas etc.
• Hilly Terrain, High Embankments etc.
• Test Tracks in Automobile Industry
• Mass Housing Complexes For example in a Townships
• Airports, Railway Stations and Parking Lots


• W-beam Guardrails is the world’s most widely specified safety barrier system.
• The semi-rigid feature of w-beam Guardrails provides a desirable outcome for designer and consequently  vehicle occupants. The ability of the barrier to absorb some of the crash energy reduces occupant risk and the deformation of the impacting vehicle.
• The semi-rigid feature of w-beam guardrail limits damage during impact, reducing maintenance costs.
• Steel components are hot dip galvanized in other words providing a durable solution.
• The high visibility of w-beam Guardrails creates driver confidence.


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