What a LED sign board is, how to use it and how it can help you boost your business.

Outdoor signage is one of the advertising options that is growing more on an international scale in recent years. We at Sab Signage P Limited manufacturing high quality Led sign boards of robust material. LED display lineup offers very good quality execution at competitive prices. Utilizing the best quality parts  accessible today, the lightweight yet rough tiles guarantee  great picture quality and glimmer free video. The one of a kind all-climate configuration ensures dependability under the hardest working conditions while offering front furthermore, back access for simplicity of administration.

All kind of signboards are available with following feature. We can also do feasibility study according to your requirements.

  • Wide Viewing Angles and Perfect Color Mixing
  • Rear for Outdoor Use
  • Intelligent On-site Uniformity Calibration
  • Smart Module with Aging Compensation
  • Front and Rear Service
  • High Quality Die-Cast Cabinet Design


Minimal Power Consumption

Power utilization has been a significant worry for some LED applications, particularly those requiring all day, every day activity. Our LED presentations are structured with streamlined Power supplies to limit power consumption to a minimum. This not only helps you save money but also confirms Sab Signage P Ltd long-term commitment to environmental protection and core focus on green energy-efficient solutions.

Uniform Colors and Luminance all the Time

Our uniformity calibration technology guarantees uniform colors and brightness across the display With this advanced technology, you can blend various bunches of tiles and anticipate the best picture with exactness and consistency over the lifetime of the presentation.

Rugged and Lightweight Design

LED tiles guarantee reliability under multiple operating conditions. Their modular and lightweight design allows ease of installation and servicing.

Advanced Video Processing

With extensive experience in image and video processing, the LED displays provide you with the ultimate image quality assurance, color uniformity and cost of ownership.


Why SAB Signage ?

Here your product vision becomes an affordable and immediate reality.

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