Gantry Signboard

We are offering a wide range of Overhead Gantry Sign Board.

gantry (also known as a sign holderroad sign holdersign structure or road sign structure) is a traffic sign assembly in which signs are mounted or railway signals are supported on an overhead support. They also often contain the apparatus for traffic monitoring systems and cameras, or open road tolling systems

Manufacturing, Supplying and installation of Overhead Gantry.

Earthwork excavation is 7′ x 7’ x 6’depth. RCC concrete base will be 6′ x 6′ x 8”, half box type Jali using 12 mm TMT rod.

A column 3′ x 3′ structured with 16 mm TMT & binding with 8 mm rod ring is standing along with this concrete slab.

Column MS bolt vertically using 25 mm x 8 NOS. Concrete of column is 6′ heights with M20 grade concrete.

MS Structure will be fabricated by 300 mm (N.B) M. S Pipe with 6.5 mm wall thickness and with one base

plate 20 mm thick size 3′ x3′ and two tops plates with 600 x 500 mm of 12 mm thick.

Gussets will be made 10 mm thick plates 8 NOS. in bottom and 6 nos. in top above post.

Truss will be made by M.S. Angle Periphery Member 65 x 65 x 6 mm, vertically used 50 x 50 x 6 mm,

40x 40 x 6 mm incline membrane.

The entire structure will be painted 2 coats of Hi-Gloss Synthetic enamel paint.

Signboards HIP confirming to Type -IV sheet pasted on 3mm thick substrate of ACPs having

0.20mm thick skin of Aluminium sheet as per the design & colour pattern.



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